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The BEST Headphones of 2022!

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The BEST Headphones of 2022!

We are almost wrapping up the year and we decided to make a list of the best headphones we had the pleasure of reviewing and listening to in 2022! And boy did 2022 gave us some new headphones to play with! Brand-new released models, new angles explored by established brands, improvements made on already existing, great headphones - we have listened to them all! And here are a few of our favorites!

Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2 and the special Px8 Bond Edition

Bowers & Wilkins went all in this year in the premium wireless headphones department! With the mantra “hear what your music really sounds like”, the newly released Px7 S2 combines exceptional high-resolution audio and advanced active noise cancellation to immerse you in the true sound of every performance. 

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The Px8 Bond Edition delivers the high-performance wireless sound synonymous with Bowers & Wilkins’ flagship headphones - the Px8 - and unites two icons of British style and performance. In celebration of the 60th Anniversary of 007, this is an elegant and timeless piece, as the world-famous secret agent himself! The finish in Midnight Blue Nappa leather is a celebration of the dinner jacket worn by James Bond in his first on-screen appearance, in 1962’s Dr. No. How cool is that? A true collectors’ edition that allows you to experience music exactly as the artist intended!

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Focal Utopia 2022 and the new Focal Bathys 

Focal is yet another brand that explored and expanded its headphones department. We already know and love Utopia, the brand’s flagship product which ranks amongst the best headphones in the world. And in 2022, they introduced the new Utopia 2022, which comes with some exclusive new high-end technologies, and brings sensational listening experiences, with even more sophistication and elegance. 

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The newly released Focal Bathys is the first wireless ANC headphones by Focal, with pure Hi-Fi sound, and is being considered by many as the best Focal headphones yet! Its Bluetooth® and Active Noise Cancellation technologies offer total freedom of movement and an immersive listening experience with zero disturbance from background noise. Providing up to 30 hours of battery life, made with fine materials and an array of features, the Bathys headphones enhance your everyday and your travels!

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Sony WH-1000XM5 

Sony’s new WH-1000XM5 wireless noise-canceling headphone is an evolution of the already amazing WH-1000XM4, and its motto is “Your world. Nothing else.” They rewrite the rules for distraction-free listening, with 2 processors control and 8 microphones for unprecedented noise cancellation and exceptional call quality. They’re lightweight and ultra-comfortable, delivering magnificent sound!

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Audeze MM-500

A favorite from all audio professionals around the world due to its accuracy, the new Audeze MM-500 is built to deliver studio-quality sound wherever you work. Created in collaboration with 11-time Grammy-winner Manny Marroquin, they offer quality and comfort that will last. Like near-field monitors, they remove your room from the equation and give you studio-quality sound anywhere! Crafted in Southern California, the MM-500 features extra-plush premium leather earpads, an adjustable spring steel headband, and a machined aluminum structure, feeling substantial yet lightweight. 

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STEALTH is a closed-back headphone by Dan Clark Audio, that delivers great isolation. Featuring an all-new 4th generation planar magnetic driver combined with the brand’s proprietary Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System (AMTS), Stealth creates a huge, wide-open soundstage, delivering a stunningly smooth presentation. Lightweight, it also features a self-adjusting headband, making it extremely comfortable! 

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The top-of-the-mountain headphones by HIFIMAN, are made for audiophiles and music lovers! A stable and well-built piece, it features stealth magnetic technology that, unlike the sound waves created by a conventional magnet, the special shape of stealth magnet of it enables the waves to pass through the magnet without generating interference. It is truly the top-of-the-class when it comes to headphones and it needs lots of power, hence the need for a headphone amp. 

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Regardless of your favorite brands, or your needs, these are sure to fill the gap with style, comfort, and more importantly, high-fidelity audio quality! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about any of them, or about headphones in general. Contact us through the chat right here at the bottom-right of the page! 


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