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By Geoffrey Morrison There has never before been the variety, and quality, of headphones available as there are right now. For every budget and style, there are great sounding headphones. The rampant enthusiasm in the audiophile community for this new golden age is spreading to the mainstream. Here are a few terms and basics to know as you consider what to buy. “Over-ear” Headphones These are the big earmuff-style headphones. As their name implies, they go over your ear. They tend to be fairly heavy, but the ones that totally surround the ear tend to be quite comfortable for extended listening because...

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Headphones provide listeners the rare opportunity to shut out the world and immerse themselves in music. But when the world is a little noisier than usual, that can be tough to accomplish. That’s where noise-cancelling headphones come in. But what’s the difference? How do they work? Let us guide you through the basics. Most headphones block out external sound either by covering the ear with a solid cup or by plugging the ear canal. This helps to prevent some of the noise around the listener from reaching the eardrum by mechanical means. This method is often referred to as “sound...

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