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There are many different wireless audio systems available, using both open and proprietary standards. The two most common standards today are Bluetooth and AirPlay. Bluetooth is universal and comes with almost every phone, tablet, and computer currently made. AirPlay is a proprietary Apple format that works over Wi-Fi with iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. There are important differences between the two. Bluetooth Bluetooth is a near-field standard, which limits communication between a mobile device and the speakers to no more than 30 feet apart (the ideal distance is 15 feet or less). Consequently, if you leave the room with your smartphone, the music...

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A DAC is a must for anyone who truly appreciates content delivered as it was intended to be heard. Utilizing a DAC may be very different than the audio setup you are already familiar with. A DAC is not really an audio source, nor is it an output device or a pre-processor. A DAC converts digital content to an analog format for playback on a home stereo system. The quality of the conversion process differs by the quality of the DAC. While some newer audio/video receivers like Sony’s ES line and Yamaha’s Aventage line boast high-quality internal DACs, this is not the case for most other products with built-in DACs.

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