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McIntosh ML1 Loudspeaker MK II (Pair)

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The ML1 Loudspeaker was the first speaker McIntosh ever made. It was introduced in 1970 with a mid-century modern design style and produced amazing sound quality with high volume output capability and tremendous bass response, especially when paired with an external equalizer. Countless music enthusiasts chose the ML1 to listen to their cherished music.

The original ML1 was discontinued in 1977, though we have continued to offer high performance speakers ever since. Now with a gesture to our speaker origins, we are bringing back the ML1 as the ML1 Loudspeaker Mk II.

Externally, the new ML1 evokes memories of when the original ML1 was available – a time when there were less distractions, and it was easier to listen to music and become immersed in it. The classic looks of the ML1 rekindles the mood of that era so you can relax and appreciate your favorite songs.

The cabinet is built from oiled American Walnut solid woods and veneers with a satin finish. It has a matching magnetically attached, removable wood grille with acoustically transparent black knit cloth with a touch of metal trim, giving the speaker a refined look. Gone are the vertical wood slats found on the original ML1's grille that could interfere with music playback. The new ML1's grille only has acoustically transparent cloth that does not obstruct the music.

Unlike the original ML1, the drivers on the new generation ML1 are positioned symmetrically so there is not a dedicated left and right speaker, eliminating the possibility of installing the speakers in the wrong orientation, and providing a more uniform listening area.

A specially milled transition plate houses the midranges and tweeter and allows them to be placed close together. Their close proximity to each other reduces off axis lobing of the sound field and places all the acoustic output that typically impacts imaging together in a small space. The transition plate also provides a strong foundation for the upper frequency units to reduce vibrations that might affect the sound. Internal cabinet bracing provides an airtight and separated enclosure from the 12" woofer to further minimize vibrations.

The upper midrange in the ML1 has low resonance and high-power handling capabilities; this allows the crossover point between the lower and upper midranges to avoid the 1kHz frequency that is critical to producing clear vocals. The crossover frequency of the tweeter reduces vertical lobing of the sound field and allows the ML1 to reproduce the recorded music more faithfully.


  • Based off the first McIntosh speakers
  • 4-way speaker with five separate drivers
  • Engineered to handle up to 600 Watts
  • Deep bass from 12" woofer with LD/HP technology
  • Expansive sound stage so all listeners can enjoy the music
  • Built from American Walnut with a satin finish
  • Includes matching speaker stand
  • Woofer: one 12" woofer in a sealed enclosure with a polypropylene cone and dust cap with synthetic rubber suspension.
  • Lower Midrange: two 4" lower midrange drivers in a sealed sub-enclosure also with polypropylene cones and dust caps with synthetic rubber suspension.
  • Upper Midrange: one 2" soft dome upper midrange.
  • Tweeter: one 3/4" Titanium dome tweeter (the same tweeter used in our XR50 and XR100 speakers).


  • Impedance Nominal: 8 Ohms
  • Power Rating: 75 - 600 Watts
  • Frequency Response: 27Hz - 45kHz
  • Sound Pressure Level, 2.8V/1m: 85dB
  • Crossover: 180Hz, 500Hz, 4.5kHz
  • Number of Woofers: 1
  • Woofer Size: 12"
  • Woofer Type: Polypropylene cone and dust cap with synthetic rubber suspension
  • Number of Midranges: Low Frequency (2), Upper Frequency (1)
  • Midrange Size: Low Frequency (4"), Upper Frequency (2")
  • Midrange Type: Low Frequency (Polypropylene cones and dust caps with synthetic rubber suspension), Upper Frequency (Soft Dome)
  • Number of Tweeters: 1
  • Tweeter Size: 3/4"
  • Tweeter Type: Titanium Dome
  • Unit Dimensions (W x H x D): 15" (38.1cm) x 42-1/8" (107cm) x 13-3/8" (34cm)
  • Unit Weight: 62 lbs (28.1 kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 71 lbs (32.2 kg)



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