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AudioQuest FireBird 48 Ultra High Speed 48Gbps HDMI 2.1 Cable

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Firebird 48 features high-purity Solid 100% Silver conductors and Level 6 Noise-Dissipation for the most efficient dissipation of radio-frequency noise.


AudioQuest FireBird 48 HDMI cables can transfer up to professional 10K Ultra HD video. The incredible 48Gbps data rate is made possible by four balanced audio/video pairs each capable of 12Gbps, enabling a surprisingly stronger audio/video experience.

4K Performance
In addition to enabling the 48Gbps data rate, the improved materials and design of AudioQuest FireBird 48 HDMI cables significantly benefit the overall performance of your 4K system. All AudioQuest HDMI cables are completely backwards compatible with existing 4K devices.

Supports enhanced gaming features (4K120, VRR, ALLM, QFT) for optimal performance from Sony Playstation 5 (PS5), Microsoft Xbox Series X, Gaming PCs, etc.

100% Perfect-Surface Silver Conductors
AudioQuest FireBird 48 HDMI cables use AQ’s best conductor metal—100% Solid Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS)—to defeat both electrical and magnetic strand-to-strand interaction.

Noise-Dissipation (Level 6)
AudioQuest’s Dielectric-Bias System is added to Level 5 Noise-Dissipation in which a high-loss layer of carbon surrounds the direction-controlled conductors; high-loss graphene is added to the carbon layer sandwiched between layers of metal around the 4 FRL + eARC pairs.

The Audio Return Channel sends audio from the TV to soundbar, receiver, or ARC input. “enhanced” eARC is easier to use and enables lossless multi-channel. In AudioQuest FireBird 48 HDMI cables, the eARC conductor pair is internally controlled for direction to ensure superior audio performance.

Direction-Controlled Conductors
AudioQuest FireBird 48 HDMI cables use Direction-Controlled conductors to minimize RF noise. For optimal Noise-Dissipation and superior audio performance, use FireBird 48 HDMI cables with the plug's arrows pointing towards the TV, or Source towards A/V receiver.

A/V Conductor
100% PSS Silver
Noise Dissipation
72v DBS, Graphene + Global Carbon + Direction
Ground Reference
10% Silver
eARC Conductor
100% PSS Silver
4K@120Hz / 8K@60Hz / 10K@30Hz
Signal Type
Cable Length
0.75 m = 2 ft 6 in
Red Braid
1.0 lb

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