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Furman Elite-20 PFi 13-Outlet Ultra Linear AC Power Source

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Today's power lines are plagued with RF and EMI noise. When connecting sensitive equipment to your home's power outlet, AC noise couples into your system's critical components, masking low level signals and crippling performance. This low level content is critical because it relays the crucial harmonics and ambience in audio, as well as the depth and clarity in video.

The Elite-20 PFi is so substantial in its ability to unmask critical signal content, its performance is surpassed only by the Furman Reference Series. With Furman's Ultra-Linear Filtering, televisions, projectors, DVD players, amplifiers, and processors, are fed pristine AC power. For the first time, you will see and hear your theater or audio system as it should be by using the Furman Elite-20 PFI. 


  • Input - 20 amp capacity required output; 16 - 20 amps RMS (maximum all outlets combined continuous)
  • Transverse (differential) mode: >40dB from 5Khz - 100kHz >80dB from 100kHz - 1GHz
  • Common Mode: >40dB from 10Hz - 30kHz >20 from 40kHz - 1MHz
  • Ultra-linear AC power conditioner w/ Power Factor Technology
  • Power Factor Technology provides over 55 amps of peak charge surplus current for power-starved amplifiers 
  • Ultrasonic bi-filtering isolates digital and video circuits from analog components
  • E.V.S. protects equipment from dangerous overvoltage conditions
  • Retractable LED lamps illuminate a cabinet or rack full of equipment


  • Family: Elite Series
  • Line Voltage: 120 (Volts)
  • BlueBOLT Enabled: No
  • Power Factor Technology: Yes
  • Number of Outlets: 13
  • Number of Isolated Banks: 3
  • Outlet Descriptions:1 (Ultra-Linearly filtered outlet - front panel); 8 (Ultra-Linearly filtered outlets with additional ultrasonic filtering for either video or audio components, 4 with 12V triggering; 4 (Power Factor Technology amplifier outlets – 4.5 amps RMS reserve - reactive load - over 55 amps peak charge, 2 with 5 second delay via 12V triggering)
  • Rack Mountable: Yes
  • Rack Ears Included: Yes
  • Front Panel Meter(s): No
  • Front Media Light(s): 2 Retractable LED lamps
  • Control On / Off switch and light dimmer knob on front panel; 12 Volt triggering for remote control
  • Voltage Regulation: No
  • Compliance: NRTL-C
  • USB Charging: N/A
  • Low Voltage Trigger: 12V, In / Out
  • Dimensions: 4"H x 17"W x 14.75"D (Standard 2 RU height without feet)
  • Weight:18 lbs.
  • Power Consumption:12 Watts for display and control circuits independent of actual load
  • AC Protection: AC Protection Technology Extreme Voltage Shutdown; Series Multi-Stage Protection; Non-sacrificial protection with zero ground contamination
  • Automatic Voltage Shutoff: Yes
  • Under-Voltage Shutoff: 85V
  • Over-Voltage Shutoff: 140V ±3V
  • Maximum Current Rating: 20 (Amps)
  • Initial Clamping Level: 188 VAC peak @ 3,000 Amps
  • Filtration: Filtration TechnologyLiFT
  • Filtration Rating: Transverse (Differential) Mode:> 40 dB from 5Khz - 100 kHz; >80 dB from - 100 kHz – 1GHz; Common Mode: >40dB from 10Hz – 30 kHz; >20 from 40 kHz – 1MHz (Linear attenuation curve from 0.05 – 100 ohms line impedance)
  • Signal Line Protection: Signal Line Protection 1 Tel; 3 Cable / Satellite

WARNING: California Residents - Proposition 65. This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to



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