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Classé Delta PRE Mk II Preamplifier with HEOS Built-in

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Building on over 40 years of pure performance heritage, Delta Series amplifiers run warm with Cl ass A power and capture the magic of music as never before. Recording professionals, musicians, reviewers and audiophiles trust Classé amplification as the source of sonic truth. If it’s there, it will be heard. Every detail of Delta Series is perfected by hand in our unique production facility in Japan to deliver powerful, natural, expansive sound with minimal noise or distortion.

Built for audio purists, the Delta PRE Mk II with HEOS® Built-in lets you experience high-resolution streaming in every room in addition to pure audio reproduction from any analog or digital source. The foundation of the perfect system, this preamplifier is poised and ready to immerse you in the highest fidelity sound.

Obtain optimal audio performance from every source–now with streaming–with the Classé Delta PRE Mk II Stereo Preamp. A consolidated preamp and DAC that isolates, shortens, and simplifies all signal paths, ele vating your listening experience. Processing features like comprehensive bass management, a five-band parametric EQ per channel, and a flexible tone/tilt control equip you with the coveted high-end tools to optimize playback for all your entertainment, including 768K hi-res audio/DSD512 over USB-B.

  • Now with HEOS® for High-Resolution Audio Streaming and Multi-Room Audio
  • Now supporting MQA, 768 kHz/DSD512 Hi-Res Audio Over USB-B
  • Stereo Preamp with Built-in DAC and Phono Stage
  • Two Subwoofer Outputs for Smoothest Bass Response
  • Digital Domain Five-Band Parametric EQ
  • Configurable Tone/Tilt Control
  • Configurable Onboard MC/MM Phono Stage
  • Four Optional HDMI Inputs with
  • Source Switching
  • Seamless Control with Touchscreen Display
  • Pure Analog with Digital Bypass Mode
  • Pass-Thru Mode for AV Sources
  • High-Resolution Volume Control
  • Experience Classé Excellence


Gain range

-93dB to +14dB

Channel matching


Input Impedance

(at 1kHz, BAL/SE)


Output Impedance BAL / SE

200Ω / 50Ω

Maximum output level BAL / SE

18Vrms / 9Vrms

Bypass mode (Analog inputs, Tone/EQ/Subwoofers disabled)

Frequency response

(-3dB, 50Ω source impedance)

1Hz – 2MHz

Harmonic Distortion

(measurement bandwidth: 90kHz)

<0.0004% at 1kHz

<0.0005% at 10kHz

<0.0006% at 20kHz

Intermodulation Distortion

(measurement bandwidth: 90kHz)


Maximum input level BAL / SE

(at 0dB gain)

9Vrms (+21.3dBu) / 4.5Vrms (+15.3dBu)

Signal to Noise Ratio (A wtd)

(22kHz BW, ref 9Vrms)

130dB (133dBA)

Crosstalk (one channel undriven)


-143dB(100Hz), -140dB(1kHz), -124dB(10kHz)

Phono section (0dB gain, Bypass mode, XLR2 in, Main XLR out)

RIAA deviation (20Hz-20kHz)

< 0.2dB

Selectable load for MM type (47k II)

  50pF, 100pF, 150pF, 200pF, 250pF, 300pF, 350pF, 400pF, 450pF

Selectable load for MC – low output

7.5Ω, 10Ω, 33Ω, 50Ω, 82Ω, 100Ω, 330Ω, 1kΩ

Load for MC – high output


MM, MC – high output

Gain (1kHz, 20Ω source impedance)


SNR (22kHz BW, ref 5mVrms in)

86dB (93dB A-wtd)

Max input level (overload ref 5mVrms)

11dB(20Hz), 23dB (1kHz), 34dB(10kHz)

MC – low output

Gain (1kHz, 20Ω source impedance, 1kΩ load)


SNR (22kHz BW, ref 0.5mVrms in)

68dB (74dB A-wtd)

Max input level (overload ref 0.5mVrms, 1kΩ load)

12dB(20Hz), 31dB (1kHz), 52dB(10kHz)

DAC section (Digital inputs, Tone/EQ/Subwoofers disabled)

Frequency response

(-3dB, sweep Fs=192kHz)

5Hz – 90kHz

Harmonic Distortion

(measurement bandwidth: 90kHz)

<0.0015% (20Hz to 20kHz)

Dynamic range (-60dBFS, Fs=44.1kHz, A-wtd)


Signal to Noise Ratio (Fs=44.1kHz, A-wtd)

125dB (dBA)

DSP mode (Tone or EQ controls enabled, set to flat unless noted)

Frequency response

(50Ω source impedance, Tone and EQ not enabled)

10Hz – 84.5kHz

Harmonic Distortion

(measurement bandwidth: 90kHz)

<0.002% (20Hz to 20kHz)

Intermodulation Distortion

(measurement bandwidth: 90kHz)

Maximum input level BAL / SE

(at 0dB gain,)

5.4Vrms (+2.5dBr) / 2.7Vrms (+2.5dBr)

Signal to Noise Ratio (A-wtd)

(22kHz BW, ref 4Vrms)

dB (dBA)

Crosstalk (one channel undriven)


-105dB(100Hz), -120dB(1kHz), -120dB(10kHz)





Power (nominal input, 0dB gain, 32Ω load)


Output impedance


Power requirements



Wake on LAN




Max. power (with optional HDMI board)




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