SurgeX XR-315 15A 120V Surge Protector (Black)

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The SurgeX® XR315 is a 120V, 15 Amp AC power quality product incorporating SurgeX® Advanced Series Mode® power conditioning and surge protection. The surge protection is rated A-1-1, the highest standard of the Federal Commercial Item Description for Endurance. The one rack-space steel enclosure is designed to be installed in a 19 inch equipment rack, or placed on a flat surface. A total of eight 120V receptacles are provided on the rear panel.

SurgeX ICE® Inrush Current Elimination circuitry is incorporated into the XR315. This eliminates problems associated with inrush currents from large loads such as amplifiers. With SurgeX ICE® it is not necessary to take inrush currents into account when designing the AC power for a system, and special time-delay circuit breakers are not required: you only need to ensure that the steady-state currents of all products plugged into the XR315 are within the 15 Amp rating.

The front panel houses a two-line back-lit LCD display which provides status information in normal use and allows interaction with menu items during programming. The character display intensity is adjusted by either a rotary dimmer knob or a push-button On/Off switch. Also on the front panel are two screwdriver-accessible rotary encoders which are used to step through and select from a menu of items which determine the operation of the unit. The power button, when pressed, causes the unit to power up or power down. This button can be disabled if not required. The LED incorporated into the button indicates the status of the unit. When the LED is off the unit is fully powered down; when it is on the unit is fully powered up; when it is flashing the unit is in the process of powering up or down.

A built-in AC voltmeter indicates the line voltage on the LCD display. The internal voltmeter is a peak reading type which was chosen because most electronic equipment incorporates a power supply that charges mostly during the AC peaks. Monitoring the peak of the AC provides a more useful indication of the real voltage available to the electronic equipment plugged into the XR315.

A built-in AC ammeter indicates the total current consumption of connected equipment on the LCD display. The internal ammeter is also a peak reading type.

A calculation of the total power being delivered to connected equipment is displayed on the second line of the LCD display. Power is calculated as the product of the line voltage and total current draw, and is displayed with the unit Watts “W”. Volt-Amps (“VA”) is the more correct unit of power, since the voltage and current measurements are based on a peak reading, but Watts is displayed for simplicity.

The XR315 is microprocessor controlled and designed to be versatile and expandable. Two or more XR315s can be connected together to provide control and power conditioning for larger systems. The XR315 can also control other SurgeX products with its auxiliary relay contacts and/or its 12V dc output. All options are set via the front panel and all connections are made at the rear panel. All set-up information is stored in non-volatile memory.

A plug-in Phoenix terminal block on the rear panel accommodates the remote control connections and also the low-voltage outputs. There are three inputs which control power state; one programmable 12V dc output; and one programmable auxiliary relay providing normallyopen contacts. The inputs can be controlled by an applied DC voltage from 5V to 30V, by a contact closure, or by different types of switch; the input selection being made during programming. The inputs and 12V output are designed to withstand incorrect connections including polarity reversal and shorts.

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