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IFI Audio AC iPurifier Mains Audio Noise Eliminator

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When you listen to music there’s a lot of background noise going on. Some noise cannot be missed but there’s also some that are not immediately obvious until it has gone. It mainly comes from your power supply and interference from other devices. Bring the AC iPurifier into your set-up and you’ll notice the difference instantly. Music you once thought was clear takes on a new life, filtering out the noise you never knew was there and leaving you with pure, undiluted sound.


  • It ACTIVELY cancels noise. The AC iPurifier cancels far more noise across the frequency range than other passive products.
  • By generating a signal identical to the noise signal but in the exact opposite phase, our Active Noise Cancellation® (ANC) actively cancels all incoming noise!
  • Intelligent Ground Connection. It only actively provides an earth/ground if your system needs one. It will not create a ground loop.
  • Saves your system! If it detects a power surge it will automatically cut off, protecting your valuable and highly sensitive equipment from harm.


  • Noise reduction: > 40dB (> 100x)
  • Surge Protection: max. 30,000A @ 1,000V/10uS
  • Operating Voltage: 90V – 265V
  • Size/Weight: (USA): ø 40mm x 105mm (L) 108 (g) / 0.24 (lbs)
  • Warranty period: 12months

WARNING: California Residents - Proposition 65. This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to



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