Cyrus Audio 6 DAC integrated amplifier

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The Cyrus 6 DAC combines the highly reviewed 6a amplifier with a powerful built-in DAC, making it the most flexible amplifier in its class.

Five digital inputs
Featuring a built-in Burr Brown DAC and five digital inputs, the Cyrus 6 DAC is the ideal way of upgrading all your digital sources at the same time as buying a new amplifier. Older or lower spec digital devices are likely to benefit greatly in terms of sound quality by using the high spec DAC built into the Cyrus rather than their own. With two optical and two coaxial inputs you could, for example, connect up your TV, set-top TV box, Blu-ray or games console and CD player. In addition, the fifth digital input takes the form of a USB interface. This lets you connect up your PC or Mac and access stored or streaming music at the highest quality level possible.

Audiophile sound quality
Thoroughly engineered and generously specced, it comes as little surprise to find the Cyrus 6 DAC is one of the best sounding amplifiers in its class. Beginning with the power supply, the Cyrus 6 DAC uses not one but two high quality toroidal power transformers. The reason for this is that one of them can supply the functional needs of the amp, such as the DAC, display and control, whilst not affecting the current-critical power amp section. The result is sound quality that benefits greatly in terms of agility and transient attack.

Sharing core technologies with other, more expensive, Cyrus amplifiers not only benefits the sound quality of the 6 DAC but also makes it an easy and seamless process to upgrade and expand your Cyrus amplification.

Upgrade path
There are many upgrade paths available for the 6 DAC with the first being to add separate power amplification to enable bi-amping. The twin pre-outputs facilitate adding separate power amps, such as the 8 Power, for future upgrading. Additionally you can, at any time, return the amp to Cyrus and have the spec uprated to 8 DAC level. Once this has been done, there's the option of adding the famous PSX-R outboard power supply - for truly high-end amplification. Finally, by adding the Qx DAC board, you can improve the digital sound to reference quality.

Unique Cyrus design and quality
For some decades now, Cyrus products have been instantly recognisable by their half-size case design. This not only makes them look more compact and attractive than other hi-fi separates but is practical, too; two units can be placed side by side without taking up any more width than a conventional hi-fi separate. Just as recognisable is the high quality, die-cast casing. A feature of Cyrus products since the late '80s, this very high quality casing not only looks great but has important sonic benefits, too. In mechanical terms, the dense casing provides a non-resonant nature, minimising microphonic effects. The non-ferrous composition also provides superior shielding against various electrical interference, such as RF disturbance.

The Cyrus 6 DAC is fitted with a clear display that gives valuable status information such as source selection and volume level. What's more, the display can be programmed to display the exact name of your source for easy identification.

Cyrus system synergy
Cyrus takes system synergy seriously. Not only do all their products aesthetically match one another but there's also a unique rack that's specifically designed for them - the Hark. In addition to this, the Cyrus 6a features MC-Bus connectivity, allowing the amplifier to integrate smoothly into a complete Cyrus system using just a single remote control.

For an amp that has the flexibility to match an AV receiver yet with genuine hi-fi sound quality, the Cyrus 6 DAC not only lets you possess cake but consume it too!


  • Outputs
  • Stereo RCA analogue – 1 pair fixed, 2 pairs variable
  • BFA speaker – Yes
  • Headphones – Yes
  • MC-BUS – Yes
  • Inputs
  • Optical SPDIF – 2
  • Coaxial SPDIF – 2
  • USB B – 1
  • Analogue RCA Phono – 6 pairs
  • File/Signal Compatibility
  • 24/192 resolution through optical/coaxial inputs,
  • 16/48 through USB
  • (QXR adds 32bit / 768k , DSD 512 through USB)
  • Power Output
  • Watts into 6 Ohms – 57
  • Dimensions (mm)
  • Height – 73
  • Width – 215
  • Depth – 360
  • Weight (kg) – 5

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