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HiFiMAN SUNDARA Over-Ear Full-Size Planar Magnetic Headphones (Black)

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The Sanskrit word “Sundara” literally means “Beautiful” and this all-new Planar Magnetic headphone fits this description in every way.

The HIFIMAN SUNDARA is an open-backed headphone with a specially designed planar magnetic driver. The connection to which is made via the supplied cable with socketed connectors which offers a secure and sturdy connection yet allow for easy cable swapping. The headphone's relatively high sensitivity is higher than is typical in a planar magnetic headphone and allows it to be driven with some ease by conventional headphone amplifiers and even many mobile phones. The SUNDARA also offers an impressive frequency response range, from 6-75kHz and with all the dynamic realism that HIFIMAN headphones are renowned for.

The SUNDARA is meant to be used by a wide range of sources, from the upper-end quality of a large desktop amplifier and yet it can also be run superbly from our own little SuperMini. Power, control, and finesse all sewn up into sumptuous headphone that we think is as visually stunning as it is sounding.


  • Ultra-Fine Diaphragm for low distortion levels that offer a highly dynamic response.
  • The ergonomic and comfortable headband is designed to fit for most
  • people, with greater reliability and durability. 
  • The new outer grills have been designed with three key aspects, sound,
  • protection, and aesthetics. 
  • Crystalline copper wire to ensure low resistance in the signal transmission and high mechanical strength for daily use which should lead to a long and fruitful existence. 
  • The cables are user-replaceable and have channel orientation for left and right.
  • The New SUNDARA makes use of a new 3.5mm socket for its cable connection. This gives an even more sturdy and robust physical connection for attaching the cables to and gives a greater surface area for signal transmission to boot.
  • The symmetry of the earpads on the SUNDARA conforms around the human ear, comfortably distributing the weight evenly yet oering a secure and sound grip.



  • Frequency Response: 6Hz - 75kHz
  • Impedance: 37 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 94dB
  • Weight: 372g (13.1oz)
  • Package Contents:
    (1) Pair of headphones
    (1) 1.5m headphone cable (3.5mm plug)
    (1) Pair of ear pads (mounted on headphone)
    (1) Owner’s Guide



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